Since its launch in 2010, the Lily has become one of Mulberry's most beloved styles. In 2022, we were invited to create a film for the launch of Lily Zero, a sustainable update to the iconic Lily style.
Lily Zero is the hero of a new era. We imagine the Lily living in harmony in a future inspired by the landscapes of the Metaverse with an unusual but wild nature, as a metaphor for a strong commitment to the environment.
/Lily Zero
We loved playing around with the Lily Zero

Lily Zero floats, spins, levitates and ultimately has fun in a new world where anything is possible. We all have the option to move towards a promising common future, we just have to commit to respect our legacy.​​​​​​​ 


Client: Mulberry England
Agency: BBH Singapore
Production Co.: Pleid St.
Direction: Pleid St.
Art Direction: Mota, Álvaro Poher, Nemanja Ivanovic, Alex Levinton
Animation: Gonzo, Ruye, Zenzuke, Edgar Ferrer, Andrea Philippon
Edit & Compositing: Mota
Modeling: Jordi Cerdá
Project Coordinator: Noemí Álvarez
Music: Banjo Soundscapes
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